2nd Annual "How to Make Real Money Podcasting"
Virtual 2-Day Event
July 19 and 20
The podcasting industry has focused on how the mainstream companies have leveraged their vast audiences for income … but what about the rest of us who do not have national advertisers or the mega company budgets?
Our Virtual Event Features the TOP EXPERTS in Podcasting 
who will share their strategies that any podcaster can implement, including:
How to instantly increase your podcasting revenue

30-minute rapid-fire interviews with the industry’s
most successful podcasters

Day One

How to turn your podcasting hobby into a 
full-time career
The 5 elements of a money-making podcast
Is Bitcoin the future for podcasting payments?
The value-for-value model. It works if you execute!
12 mistakes to avoid if you REALLY want to earn

Day Two

Hosts who leave radio and make more money podcasting
You need an audience to make money. Here's how to build loyal fans who will pay you
Will a video component net you more money?
Why quality will make you more money than quantity
How to maximize social media to make more money

Learn from successful podcasters making BIG money

Event News & Updates

Eric Zane was once a successful radio host, until he wasn't. A few years ago, home sick with the flu, Zane answered his phone and was given the news that his days as a successful radio host were done.

Career: Over
Income: None
State of Mind: Shaky

Whether you are a small organization or a one-person operation, by investing two days of your time, you’ll discover dozens of working ideas to generate income for your podcast. Our speakers are people like you making REAL money podcasting. We will teach you the techniques on how to not only make advertising income, but income from additional revenue resources! The best part? REPLAYS ARE AVAILABLE AND INCLUDED IN YOUR REGISTRATION FEE!

Created by the experts at Podcast Business Journal, Radio Ink, and Radio & Television Business Report, with a combined 65+ years as respected industry leaders who have a legendary focus on generating income. You do not want to miss out on this event! Stay tuned for an exciting lineup and agenda to be announced soon!
100% Money-Making Success Money-Back Guarantee
We are so convinced you’ll get exactly what you need out of this two-day event to bring you success, we will refund 100% of your money. If you don’t feel that by the end of the first day, this event has been worth your investment, simply let us know by the end of day one and we will refund your full registration. Refunds must be requested by the end of the first day.



Vice President, Libsyn
The Truth About Podcasting
When Rob Walch speaks about podcasting, people listen. The Hall of Famer is always armed with believable stats and honest commentary about the industry. If you want the truth about podcasting, and your ability to make real money podcasting, you'll want to hear what Rob has to say in our interview, which will include Rob's take on:
- How much REAL money is coming into podcasting?
- Who's getting it?
- What expectations a new or independent podcaster should have about making money
- The best revenue sources to go after
- Do downloads even matter any more?
If you want the truth about your podcast, Rob Walch is going to give it to you. And you can take that to the bank.

CEO, Women of Color Podcasters
A Very Cool Way to Make Money
We've all heard about Patreon and PayPal and even the value-for-value model. Those avenues for revenue have been around and talked about for many years. Danielle Desir is going to let us in on one way that isn't used often enough: a paid community membership. When you have a loyal tribe, and you provide great content, don't be surprised when members of your loyal tribe are willing to pay you for that content. Danielle is doing it, and she'll explain how you can launch your paid community membership. She'll detail how you can easily pull in your first 100 members and educate us on how to automate the setup to save time and energy.

Founder/CEO, Pod Digital Media
Rita Bautista
Founder/CEO, Latina Podcast Network
Should You Join a Network to Make Money?
Does your show need to be part of a podcast network? How do you get your show into a network? And, most importantly, can you make REAL money by being involved with a network? All of those questions will be answered by Latina Podcasters Network founder Rita Bautista.
As the founder of the Latina Podcasters Network, Rita connects aspiring as well as established Mujeres Latinas, Latinos, and the Latinx community to ensure they receive market rate for their media talent. In other words, Rita is helping podcasters make REAL money doing the side hustle they love.

Michelle Tafoya
Host, Sideline Sanity

Oscar Merry
Founder, Fountain Podcast App
Is Bitcoin The Way to Get Paid?
Oscar Merry developed the podcast listening app called Fountain. His app allows creators to create and share show clips, and get paid by their listeners using Bitcoin. Is this how all podcasters will eventually get paid? How do creators get in on the crypto game? Is it easy to use and understand? Is there a middleman? Why is this way better than Patreon or PayPal or other forms of payment? We get into the weeds of all these issues with Oscar in this important interview.

Founder/CEO, Amplifi Media
The Perfect Perspective
Steve Goldstein was a successful radio broadcaster for decades. If he wanted to, he could still be in the radio business, making good money with a successful company. However, Steve saw the change coming with audio shifting from linear to on-demand and how rabid fans were for their favorite podcast, the way they used to be for their favorite radio hosts. Steve dropped the keys and jumped in early.
Now one of the most respected voices in podcasting, Steve has the perfect perspective, having worked with young broadcasters and helped them grow into big success stories. He now sees the same happening in the podcast world and will share his knowledge on what you need to accomplish to be that next big money-making podcast.

Host, Salad With A Side Of Fries

Host, The Eric Zane Podcast
How To Make Money Five Days Per Week
Eric Zane was a successful radio host, until he wasn't. A few years ago, home sick with the flu, Zane answered his phone and was given the news that his days as a successful radio host were done. Career: Over. Income: None. State of Mind: Shaky.
Eric knew he was talented and created great content, and he knew he had an audience. It was then that he decided to head to his attic and start podcasting in 2019. Today, he refers to the day he was let go as his "fire-versary" ... before he heads to the bank to deposit his BIG podcast revenue checks, which now total 6 figures per year. Eric will share every aspect of his turn to podcasting to make his lucrative living.

Matt Pinfield


CEO, School of Podcasting
Hall of Famer Dave Jackson
The number one podcast teacher in the space returns to our event. There are few people in podcasting more well known than the CEO of the School of Podcasting. Dave will fill us in on the reality of making money at podcasting. Can you do it? What will it take to make podcasting your full-time job? How many income streams should you have ... or how many can you have? He'll tell us about the three podcasters he knows who are making a lot of money and how they are doing it.
And we'll find out if Dave thinks getting paid in Bitcoin is going to work for the majority of hosts in the future.

President, Jam Street Media
You Need to Spend Money to Make Money
The downloads and listens are not going to miraculously appear for you. Podcasters need to work to get listeners. Matty Staudt knows all about working hard. He started out in radio and transitioned to podcasting. Now, Matty is teaching podcasters how to launch and how to make a career from their podcasts. It's all a process, and one Matty has executed successfully with too many podcasters to count.
Matty will tell us about what podcasters should spend their money on to promote their shows. What he tells us will help podcasters get their numbers up.
You will also get a Matty reality check. You need to be realistic about your podcast and its viability. Just because you launch doesn't mean listeners will show up. You need to do the work and set realistic expectations.

Karl Heberger
Host, Who Are These Podcasts?
Proving Great Content Will Always Win
It all started out as an idea. Karl Heberger and a friend launched a podcast that, in a fun way, mocked other podcasts. When other podcasters heard what WATP was, they began talking about the show. It was classic word-of-mouth marketing. Most hosts took the criticism well, and some even joined the show as special guests. Others, like Stuttering John (formerly of The Howard Stern Show) threatened to sue. That just made the show even more popular.
Today, WATP has become a full-time job for Karl thanks to his Patreon account and other streams of revenue. You'll hear all about how he did it in our July 20 interview.

Hannah Berner
Host & Creator, Berning in Hell

Kelly Roach 
Coach, Business Strategist, Podcaster  

More to come soon!








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